Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome Home

I returned to Portland, OR in March of 2010 on a beautiful sunny spring morning. Weeping cherry trees were in bloom and other trees had that light green tint of spring, almost budding leaves that leave just a wisp of spring color.  I had decided to move to Portland four years ago and this trip was the beginning of the move.  Portland has always felt like home and I was really excited to finally be making the transition. 

I took the light rail and then the bus to The Irvington Guesthouse   It was a short trip with me carrying my big traveling purse, and two rolling suitcases. As we approached my stop, I pulled the cord and maneuvered all of my luggage and me to the front as the driver eased the bus to a smooth stop.  As I stepped off the bus the driver smiled and said, “Welcome home…and see, we ordered the sun especially for you today.  Have a lovely day.”

How did he know?  I just grinned, said thanks, and enjoyed a magic moment in Portland, OR.