Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well...it's been a while

I have been back in Portland since mid-July.... It's still a wonderful city and I look forward to the spring of 2010 when I can call it home.
Last week I went on an excursion to the Columbia River Gorge where I visited the Crown Point Vista  Breathtaking and elegant.

And this is the view of the Columbia River from Crown Point Vista.  My first view of the Columbia River.

Then there was a stop at Multonoma Falls...  Well, I would have needed a wide angle lens to take that photo...but click the link and you'll see why.

The next stop was Stonehenge.  This is my shot and here's the link to more info about this site.  It's very interesting.

And then on to Maryhill Museum.  A charming little museum that has wonderful permanent and some temporary exhibits. The temporary exhibit when I was there was Ansel Adams photographs.  I never tire of seeing his photographs. However, I think my favorite permanent exhibit was the La Theatre de la Monde.  Although the Rodin exhibit is pretty spectacular too.

And this is me looking at the turbine windmills.

And here are two windmill shots. This was the first time I saw turbine windmills.  Pretty impressive and also, it seems, controversial.  I can tell you one thing.  THEY ARE BIG...